Elise Weinrich Geary

Fine Art Paintings





 From the endless vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains with their smoky mists and brilliant sunsets to the intense tropical colors and waters of the Florida coast, my work captures an emotional response to moments in Nature and Life.


​Complex subtle colors blend into mysterious depths while contrasting with intriguing focal areas of sharper elegance.  Compositions suggest transition pathways of energy as well as inner centering and renewal...the continuous change that is the moving pattern of our lives.


View a painting and feel what it tells you.  Feel an essence.  Feel a memory.


Engage both your mind as well as your soul...and enjoy.


Elise Weinrich Geary



Working Art Studio

Village Square Shops, 

1101 US Hwy 1, Sebastian, FL

Featuring the works of:

Elise W. Geary, Margaret Goembel, Andrea Lazar, and Gail Fayerweather